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Arsenal Harley-Davidson provides exceptional customer service and has an entire team that consists of professional sales members, finance experts, service technicians, gear specialists and knowledgeable parts and accessories employees. We serve the entire Detroit metro area and are conveniently located in Waterford, MI. We pride ourselves on having well-trained experts that strive for customer satisfaction. We offer all the latest models from Harley-Davidson, as well as a vast selection of clean, pre-owned motorcycles. Stop in today and let us be your Arsenal of Freedom.

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David Williston
Mitch and Kim were also awesometrade in on Pan Americajust a good feeling all the way around.thank you Arsenal TeamI know that I have missed a few, my apology because everyone was outstanding.Thank you Dave Willie Williston (Employee: Brandi Fowler, Brent Richardson)
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Daniel Klebe
Once again the Arsenal team out did themselves! I was give some bad news from my doctors that I couldnt ride a motorcycle again. But I could ride a trike. The team went out of their way to keep my dream alive and found me this awesome 2023 Road Glide 3. Best team in the business!! (Employee: Brandi Fowler, Brent Richardson, Charles Antcliff, Dale Archambault, Fred Wiles, Kim McFadden, Mike "Pops" Thorpe, Travis Pierce, Kendelle D)
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David Walker
Have purchased over 20 bikes during the years and Arsenal HD ranks up there with outstanding dealer service and customer service..Great place to do business and all that worked with me on my last purchase were top notch in filling my needs and questions... (Employee: Mike "Pops" Thorpe, Brandi Fowler, Brent Richardson, Charles Antcliff, Travis Pierce)
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Justin Applegate
Thanks to Brandi and the service team for a great experience. Dropped my 22 Ultra off on Friday for the 1k service and expected it to take a few days to get done. I was shocked that I had a phone call by noon on Saturday that it was ready to go! The drop off and pick up process were both smooth and painless. Thanks again! (Employee: Brandi Fowler)
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Dennis Mattord
Everyone involved really worked hard to get the sale done. several even stayed after hours. Very good team work. Thanks
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Wayne Davis
After a number of years, I was finally ready to get another HD. I've known Dwane and Kari for a number of years. My experiences with them have always been superb. So when I was ready, I located them in Michigan and without hesitation planned to make my purchase with their assistance (even though I lived 2100 miles away in the state of Washington). I knew they would provide me with an excellent customer experience, and I was not disappointed. In fact, my experience with them and their entire team were exceptional!! They have a way of making one feel valued and important. In general, this is not a common trait anymore, so it with was an extremely pleasant experience. My experience was one that I would not hesitate to send friends and family to their dealership. Harley Davidson is very lucky to have them on the Harley Davidson team. It is rare that one can walk into a place that sells vehicles and when you leave you feel like it was truly a win-win purchase. This is in large part by the way Dwane and Kari treat their customer; moreover, it is also a reflection on the way they treat their employees. This was vividly clear during my day in their dealership. I can go on forever, but I think you get the idea. Thank them both for a wonderful experience! Weeks leading up to my arrival, I worked mostly with Pops on ordering and outfitting my bike. Pops was a world of knowledge and at no time tried to sell me something I didn't want or need. He always had information readily available to help me decide what would work best for me and the bike. When I finally arrived on site, Pops was their to great me. Before we spoke a word about the sale, he gave me a tour of the place and introduced me to the team. I wish I could say this customer service exist throughout the Harley dealerships, but unfortunately it does not. Pops went above and beyond to make me feel at home and at ease before we even spoke anything about closing the purchase. He took the time to systematically show me the workings of the bike. Before I left for the day, Pops provided me with his phone number, and encouraged me to contact him directly if I ever had a question related to the bike. That was a personal touch that rarely happens anymore. Pops knows his work and he knows customer service. Harley Davidson, Dwane and Kari are lucky to have him on their team. The day following my purchase, I texted Pops to thank him again. I also told him I would stop by the dealership to say my thank yous and goodbyes before flying back to Washington. Pops advised me he was off that day, and thank me for the opportunity to work with him. I later stopped by the dealership and to my surprise, Pops stopped by to thank me in person on his day off. That speaks volumes and says it all about him and the way Dwane and Kari run their shop. To the rest of the team I've mentioned and failed to mention, I would like to take this opportunity to thank them all. I do mean all. There were employees that had no reason to interact with me such as Fred, Joe (i.e. sales members, technicians, and others) that would stop what they were doing to say hi and exchange conversations. If this experience and philosophy were present in every dealership across the board, the skies would be the limit for Harley Davidson. I will not hesitate to trek 2100 miles again when I'm ready to purchase another Harley! Much Aloha, Kawika (Employee: Dwane & Kari Cannady, Brandi Fowler, Mike "Pops" Thorpe, Rosezella Lovalo, Fred Wiles)
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John Rex
Max helped my wife and I select the right bike for us based on skill, experience, and anticipated usage. We were in and out with a perfect fit without a single hassle. Highly recommend. (Employee: Max Brown)
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Austin Helzer
I appreciate the friendly service and smiling faces. Brandi, Fred, max, Travis. All of you were a great help and made my first experience at a dealership Ive been driving past since I was born amazing. Always knew one day Id buy a bike from this place. New owners, same building and Ive been grinning and waiting for good riding weather since. Thank you Arsenal, and most mportantly Max for helping me on this journey. This was by far the best experience Ive had buying anything price aside! Haha But its all about smiles per mile and Ive got plenty of them to look forward to. Thanks again, will be seizing a lot more of me in the future. Austin H (Employee: Max Brown)
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Paul Pratt
Awesome job
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John Considine
Very good experience everybody was very kind very helpful. Thank you.


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