The Arsenal Harley-Davidson Team

Left to Right: Larry & Mary Clark, Kari and Dwane Cannady


Arsenal Harley-Davidson, formerly ABC Harley-Davidson, is now under new ownership beginning today! The new owners are seasoned Harley-Davidson employees that have a combined 30 plus years in the industry. “We are excited about the potential that Waterford holds and we’re looking forward to being a part of this community,” said Dwane Cannady, Owner/General Manager.

The Ownership is shared by four people, who are friends and former co-workers from Seattle, WA. “We understand the family like atmosphere,” said Kari Cannady, Owner/Marketing Director, “Larry Clark, Dwane and myself worked together for several years at a dealership in Washington. Our team of employees and customers created an extraordinary vibe which I’m eager to be a part of again. We’re also very excited to have Mary Clark, Larry’s wife, join us in this new adventure.”

The name Arsenal stems from our desire to honor the history and spirit of the Detroit area people. “The strength of the Detroit people created the Arsenal of Democracy that played no small part in delivering this country from one of its most trying times. We want to pay homage to that spirit by our dealership name,” said Larry Clark, Owner/Controller. “We’re celebrating the Arsenal of Democracy by being Your Arsenal of Freedom!”

Arsenal Harley-Davidson will be located at 4405 Highland Rd. where Ed Adler and Dennis Atherton first brought the HarleyDavidson experience to Waterford in 1982. We look forward to carrying on the legacy they created, and taking the Harley-Davidson experience in Waterford and beyond to a whole new level